The Business Wellness Workshop™ Model

Workshop Model IllustrationThe Business Wellness Workshop model features four (4) steps. 

(1)  First, before the day of the Workshop, the participant takes the online Business Wellness Checkup™ diagnostic using a web link they were provided following Workshop registration.  The Checkup should require about 15 minutes to complete.  Once all the questions have been answered, the participant will register to receive their Checkup results via email by supplying their name and email address. 

The participant will print their Checkup Results email and bring it along to the Workshop.  Upon arrival at the Workshop, they will receive a Checkup Review Worksheet as a guide for the event.  

(2)  The Workshop begins with a goal setting discussion, and each participant will itemize their top strategic goals.  This is a time for each business owner to focus on the most important, long-term goals which define their personal view of ultimate business and personal success.

(3)  With their key strategic goals in hand, participants will review their Checkup Results to identify management issues which may make achieving their goals difficult or improbable.  For the remainder of the the Workshop, each participant will focus on those management issues that will impact their success and are therefore truly important to them.

Once their critical management issues are revealed, participants will record those issues in their Worksheets and begin to consider the steps they must take to address those issues.  They will note in their Worksheets those action items and begin to list any questions they may wish to pose to management experts.

(4)  The remainder of the Workshop is designed to allow participants to visit with management experts and receive valuable guideance on how to improve their management practices and achieve their strategic goals. 

A series of structured Question & Answer sessions will give participants an opportunity to meet and interact with recognized experts in solving the issues they are facing.  Participants will leave the Workshop with a list of critical action items necessary to achieve their most important goals and a connection to experts who can help them along the way.